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Well, Dear Friends, it’s been a slow month for blogging. I’m sorry for not writing more often but it’s been a busy time for our family in so many ways.  I’m kicking-off today’s blog with the fact that our lovely little Irish family has moved to the mountains…the Rocky Mountains!  I know this really isn’t news to most of you because: (1) we are friends in Ireland and you know we’ve left or (2) we are friends in America and you know we’ve arrived.

But, if by chance, we are not yet friends (and you’ve stumbled upon this blog by chance) I want to let you know that for the coming year I’ll be reporting on what life is like for an Irish family living in America.

Aside from our settling into life in America, here are a few other things that have been on my mind this past month:

1. We left Ireland with four suitcases and four roller bags.  That’s one suitcase and one roller bag for each of us. Everything else we’ve left behind. Sure wish I had…oh forget it the list is endless.

2. The kids started school – that’s been a paperwork nightmare but it’s settled now. They ride a big yellow bus to and from school nearly every day…so American!

3. My grandmother was diagnosed with cancer this past summer and today I’m blogging from a hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada as we wait for her to start chemo therapy (an interesting story and possible upcoming blog).

4. I miss our organic kitchen garden in Ireland.  The apple trees were full of ripening fruit when we left. The roses were still blooming. The mint was growing prolifically along the hedge. It’s my little slice of heaven at home.

5. American news hasn’t a patch on Irish news…and the radio programs aren’t good either (except NPR).  Thank heavens for BBC satellite radio. When will RTE Radio One come?!

6. Where can I find Odlum’s Extra Coarse Wholemeal in the mountains?  I found it on foodireland.com but it costs $8.39 per bag and I have to order two bags and pay shipping for a total of $34.66. I want to make some brown soda bread.

7. Does anyone understand how to get the best medical insurance over here?!

What’s on your mind?

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