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Winter city landscape, Park City, Utah.

Photo credit: Keith L Kendrick

Yesterday I walked up Park City’s Main Street and it was eerily quiet. I thought there would be more of a “Sundance buzz” about the place given the film festival starts on Thursday. But, as of yet, there are almost no PIB’s {“People in Black” – a term Parkites use to describe the film industry types who take over the town during Sundance}, sponsorship bars, movie stars, limousines, posters or fliers to be seen.

I couldn’t help but think, “so this is what it feels like when you’re in the calm before the storm”. If you look closely, however, there are a few shop owners moving out of their spaces to make room for the Sundance take-over and some builder-types moving in film and party equipment…but that’s about it.

I arrived early this year because I bought a Sundance “Package” {a type of ticket option}. In all there are five different types of ticket options, ranging from Festival Passes to Utah Locals Passes, and each option determines when you get to buy or select your film tickets and what Offscreen events you may attend. Despite the expense, I am thrilled to say the ticket package I opted for

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 3.22.38 PM

Photo Credit: Sundance Institute

allows me to get into 15 of the films I wanted to see {including two of the three Irish ones}! Now, I only have to wait list for tickets to two more films.

If you’re going to Sundance, you’ll want to know there is a new electronic wait list system: it’s called eWaitlist. Sundance Institute {which puts on the Film Festival} launched eWaitlist in the last few days so film goers will no longer have to wait in lines, in the freezing cold, for up to two hours to see the movies they could not get tickets for in advance. The mobile-enabled check-in system allows festival goers to reserve a line position over the internet, and provides self-serve kiosks for those without an internet capable device. You have to sign up for eWaitlist in order to avail of the service but it only takes a few minutes.

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Celebration of Music and Film
Photo Credit: Jonathan Hickerson

In addition to movies, there are a huge number of events surrounding Sundance which are, actually, part of the Sundance Institute. These are not “pop ups” that are sponsored by banks, drinks companies, or the like. They are official Sundance festival experiences, called Offscreen events, that round out the two weeks with music, art, and guest speakers. You don’t need special tickets or passes or credentials to get into or participate in many of the Offscreen events which is a real perk for those of us who are not big name industry types or celebrities.

One place I am hoping to get into this year is the Filmmaker Lodge. It’s supposed to be “a casual meeting place and café designed to cultivate dialogue among filmmakers, industry leaders, and the press.” Having never been in it before, I don’t know what to expect but I have been told there will be a series of lively panel discussions and conversations on a range of current issues. It should be interesting.

Of course, there are parties, parties, parties everywhere. I have tickets to two of the big ones but will tell you more about these {and whatever else I manage to get into} as they happen. For a full list of non-Sundance Institute events, timetables, and notes as to whether you need an invitation to get in visit Sundance Party List, The Tracking Board, and Guest of a Guest websites.

Brita's Sundance Water Bottles

Brita’s Sundance Water Bottles

Shuttling between movies, parties, and other Sundance events will be easy…so long as you don’t plan on driving. The great news is all the buses in Park City are free. Yes, you read that right…free. Pick up a copy of the Transit Map and  keep it with you at all times. There will also be free Festival shuttle buses that will stop in front of all Festival theatres and venues. The service starts at 5.45am daily and ends at 2.30am. Peak hours are from 8.00am to midnight for all routes, so allow yourself plenty of time to get around.

What else can I tell you that may be helpful or interesting? Hmmm…well, the base of the Park City Mountain Resort is 6,900 feet above sea level and the top of Jupiter peak is 10,000 feet. This is relevant only because you don’t want to get altitude sickness while at Sundance. The trick is to stay hydrated. Brita are offering free FilterForGood Nalagene bottles at all official venues throughout the Festival and you can refill them at various Brita Hyrdration Stations, which are conveniently marked on the Festival transit maps with a water drop.

The weather forecast looks good for the next ten days. The highs are 35°F/2°C during the day and the lows are 17°F/-8°C in the evening. For now there is no snow on the radar, which is bad for any skiers/snowboarders, but that could change {as we know only too well in Ireland}. Plan to dress in layers, wear Sorel boots, and bring a coat {preferably not fur or you’ll find yourself being hated on}…and, for heavens sake, leave your black attire at home {see comment above about PIBs}. Also, because of the elevation and the expected sunshine, pack sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.

Sundance Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/sundancefest

For sensible and fashionable thoughts on what to wear at Sundance at http://nubry.com/2014/01/what-to-wear-8-surprising-packing-tips-for-sundance-film-festival/

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