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Hot on the heels of the recent blog I did about Stuff Irish People Say (to Americans) and Stuff Americans Say (to Irish people), here is a blog by Bazpierce. It’s similar in theme and pretty funny…best of all, you get to hear the Irish accent so well (even if his American accent isn’t the best).

Bazpierce, I wish I could have figured out how to contact you before posting your videoblog…so sorry, but I’m new to all this and I didn’t want to set up a YouTube account in order to reach you. Thanks for the laugh!

As for the question, “How many pudatoes do you eat in one day?”. Well, I can’t answer that exactly but I do know (thanks to the Irish Potato Marketing association and the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations) that Ireland’s potato consumption per capita is 120kg. Compare that to America, where it is 63kg and Belarus where it is 172kg. Incidentally the figures for the U.K., Estonia, Rwanda, Portugal and Russia were all in line with Ireland.

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