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Tomorrow is Sunday and it’s no ordinary Sunday…it’s Super Bowl Sunday and Jason Wu for Target Sunday! Yep, that’s right. Unless you’re living in a cave, under a rock, or someplace other than America, you know that tomorrow is a big day for football fans AND fashionistas.

I’m not much of a football fan any more. Living in Ireland for 20+ years can knock a hardcore sports gal from her perch on the 50 (yard line that is). Nope, these days I’m interested in the Super Bowl purely for the advertisements and the half-time show (FYI Madonna is the main act). As for Target…I’m absolutely a fan and Jason Wu has been on my radar ever since Michelle Obama stepped on the Inaugural Ball stage in his dreamy white gown back in 2009 (click here for images).

Missoni for Target was only a passing interest for me but Jason Wu is different. I’ve got my eye on a few dresses for one of my daughters. She’ll look only too cute in this one:

or this one:

Target and Wu have been criticized for not unveiling the full collection to the public but you can see it at The Huffington Post website (click here). Wu says the theme for the dresses, scarves and handbags, ranging in price from $19.99-$59.99, is “French New Wave film star” but it has all the appearance of nonchalant chic.

There will be lots of competition for this new designer collaboration…don’t drop the ball. Start tonight by checking out what’s available online so you can be ready to charge ahead of the competition tomorrow morning for your favourite items.  Also find out which of your local Target stores will be carrying the collection as it will only be available in certain shops around the country. And finally, if you can’t get to a Target, go online and shop till you drop. Can I get a Wu-hu?!

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