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Yesterday was a big day for fashionistas as Jason Wu’s collection hit the shelves and racks of Target stores around the country.  Unfortunately for many, myself included, both a trip to Target and attempts to get online to make purchases were in vain.

ABC News’ Christina Ng and Lauren Effron reported on ABC’s website this morning that “Mere hours after Target released designer Jason Wu’s collection in-store and online Sunday, the fashion line was sold out.” In my case, our local Target (one of only two in the state carrying the collection) sold out of nearly everything in less than 30 minutes.

Across the country shoppers waited in line for hours before stores opened with the hope of getting a dress, scarf or handbag. I met and spoke with a few shoppers who were deeply frustrated by 9am. “How can everything be gone already”, one woman asked angrily. Another felt the store didn’t have enough stock. “There was more available at the Missoni launch”, exclaimed a woman named Maggie who had come to shop with her husband, daughter and granddaughter in tow. Employees, when asked, confirmed Maggie’s suspicion. Despite the fact that there were several pretty Jason Wu posters about the place, they had only received three racks of clothes – hardly enough to satisfy the desires of the whipped-up Wu crowd.

As I stood before the near-empty racks, having also combed the fitting area for cast-offs, I wondered how many purchases were destined for Ebay. As it turns out – quite a few. At last check there were 10,671 results for “Jason Wu for Target” on Ebay. And, if you didn’t hear, there was a couple from Miami who practically bought out the entire Wu collection at their midtown store with plans to sell everything on Ebay at a higher price (click here to see the YouTube video).  Dubbed “The Vultures Who Ruined Jason Wu for Target“, the pair were vindicated in their actions when a call to Target corporate headquarters confirmed stores were not allowed to stop people from what basically amounted to “shopping for Ebay”.

Those who didn’t drive to their nearest Target may have gone online to shop and been equally disappointed. I went online at midnight (New York time) and could not get past the Jason Wu masthead. I went to bed and tried again at 9am (again, New York time) and discovered that the blue dress I wanted for my daughter was only “available in-store”. Ughh! Even now, a full 24 hours later, it’s still impossible to figure out what’s going on…the “available in-store” and the “on-line price” (with “free shipping when you spend $50) followed by the “find in store” is confusing to say the least. It shouldn’t be this difficult.

Hello Target…are you listening? Please, make it simple. Is it available online or in-store? And, could you please let us know in advance next time?

Oh, silly me. Next time Target collaborates with another hot designer, they will surely tease/frustrate us all by 1) not supplying enough information, 2) allowing their website to be flawed, and 3) not filling their shops with a “suitable” amount of product to make a large percentage of the shopping public happy. While we cry “Boo hoo, Jason Wu at Target”…Target is sublimely happy. In-store, online or via Ebay…whatever the way, Target wins in both financial terms and public relations.

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Tomorrow is Sunday and it’s no ordinary Sunday…it’s Super Bowl Sunday and Jason Wu for Target Sunday! Yep, that’s right. Unless you’re living in a cave, under a rock, or someplace other than America, you know that tomorrow is a big day for football fans AND fashionistas.

I’m not much of a football fan any more. Living in Ireland for 20+ years can knock a hardcore sports gal from her perch on the 50 (yard line that is). Nope, these days I’m interested in the Super Bowl purely for the advertisements and the half-time show (FYI Madonna is the main act). As for Target…I’m absolutely a fan and Jason Wu has been on my radar ever since Michelle Obama stepped on the Inaugural Ball stage in his dreamy white gown back in 2009 (click here for images).

Missoni for Target was only a passing interest for me but Jason Wu is different. I’ve got my eye on a few dresses for one of my daughters. She’ll look only too cute in this one:

or this one:

Target and Wu have been criticized for not unveiling the full collection to the public but you can see it at The Huffington Post website (click here). Wu says the theme for the dresses, scarves and handbags, ranging in price from $19.99-$59.99, is “French New Wave film star” but it has all the appearance of nonchalant chic.

There will be lots of competition for this new designer collaboration…don’t drop the ball. Start tonight by checking out what’s available online so you can be ready to charge ahead of the competition tomorrow morning for your favourite items.  Also find out which of your local Target stores will be carrying the collection as it will only be available in certain shops around the country. And finally, if you can’t get to a Target, go online and shop till you drop. Can I get a Wu-hu?!

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We travel a lot.  In fact, we’re in San Francisco now and have already left the sunny shores of Connecticut and the piney woods of Minnesota.  Because we’re on the go so much, I’ve gotten very cute (Irish slang for “smart”) about how and what to pack.  Friends have often said they “don’t know how I do it”, so, for the record, this is how.

The Luggage:

For starters, I usually take a large suitcase, a roller bag, and a carry-on tote for trips lasting more than a week (the children get one large suitcase shared between them and either a roller bag or backpack each for their personal items).  For shorter trips or weekends away, I can get by without the large suitcase.

The Clothes:

When it comes to clothes, I nearly always pack 1 pair of dressy jeans, 1 pair of black trousers, an easy-care dress that doesn’t wrinkle, 1 white shirt, 1 dressy tank top, 1 white t-shirt (long-sleeved in the winter and short-sleeved in the summer) and 1 black t-shirt, 1 long-sleeved jumper (Irish for “sweater”), 1 work-out outfit,  a nightgown for bedtime, underwear, sports socks, 1 pair of black kitten heels, 1 pair of leather runners (Irish for “tennis shoes” but in this case I actually mean something like a pair of “Keds”), a gold belt, a reversible black/brown belt, a pashmina, a small umbrella and a crushable hat (for either sun or rain protection). With these few items, I have seven complete outfits, clothes for exercising, and something to wear to bed.  The pashmina and the long-sleeved jumper change the look of my day and night outfits.

The Technique:

My packing technique is simple.  I put tissue paper between each folded item and place groups of things together inside a clear plastic garment bag (like you get from the dry cleaner) to prevent the clothes from wrinkling.

Resealable plastic bags are an absolute necessity.  The cords for all my electronics (mobile phone, laptop, camera, video camera) are packed in them, as is my makeup and toiletries.  Speaking of makeup and toiletries, because I don’t usually like hotel soaps, shampoos and conditioners, I always ask for or buy travel size bottles of the products I like and keep them especially for trips. Aveda has great travel-size products which smell wonderful. And, for my Irish friends, if you’re visiting America check out Target or the local chemist and you’ll usually a good selection of travel-size products to stock up on for future holidays.

The Accessories:

Other items that typically make it into my bags include a dual voltage hair dryer (unless I know the hotel or hostess we are visiting has one we may use), curling iron, pocket-size hair brush, sun glasses, jewelry (leaving the big or really good pieces at home), small purse in black or brown for day and nighttime use, and a small zippered bag for any unexpected purchases.

Surprisingly, everything mentioned fits neatly, albeit tightly, into my roller bag and carry-on tote and leaves me with just enough room for a magazine or book and a bottle of water (an absolute must for long haul flights).  And, one last packing tip, buy a carry-on tote that slips over the handle of your roller bag – your shoulders will thank you.  Bon voyage!

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