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Well, Dear Readers, I think I’ve finally lost the plot! Two weeks ago I went to the gym…it’s been a while. Traveling back and forth between Las Vegas and the Rockies and running a busy household has kept me away from something I truly believe in – exercise. So, like I said, I went to the gym. I did an hour on a stationary bike and then decided to take a peek inside a “class”.

The class that was about to begin was boxercise, which sounded interesting. I entered the room and stood towards the back. As the ladies, and the one gentleman, filed in they greeted one another and checked themselves in the mirror. The age group was mid-twenties to mid-sixties: all in all a pretty strong-looking group. There was, of course, the amazingly gorgeous girls with the teeny-tiny waists, buxom bosoms, and form-fitting gear from Lululemon, and the uber-fit girls whose thighs looked stronger than a vice grip. The killer, however, was the 60+ woman who, when she whipped off her zippered athletic top, revealed upper arm muscles that would make Madonna jealous. Never mind, the gentleman who was clearly out of shape and out of his league, and the few “nice” ladies who stood to the back…they paled in comparison to the girls at the front of the room eagerly waiting the instructors arrival.

“Holy Mother of G__,” I thought to myself, “there’s no chance of me taking this class until I’m more fit.” Unfortunately, the instructor walked in just as I was about to leave. She kindly asked me to join the class, to which I declined. Instead, I asked if I could “audit” her class. She agreed, though she did strongly urge me (on more than one occasion) to jump in at any time.

As the music began, things looked promising. I can do this…or so I thought for the first five minutes of the warm-up. As the tempo increased, however, the exercise got serious…really serious.  One of the vice-grip-girls began jabbing and throwing upper-cuts and left and right hooks in a way that was reminiscent of a prize-fighter in the ring. When she pummeled the air with two fists it was with such intensity that I wondered who she was imagining was on the receiving end of her fury. She wasn’t alone. Everyone moved in perfect tempo and precisely: clearly this wasn’t their first time in this class. The gorgeous girls were frustratingly coordinated: they jabbed, ducked, dripped sweat and kicked butt without ever missing a beat. “Nope…gotta be in better shape to take this class, ” I thought to myself as I quietly slipped out the door unnoticed.

When did one need to get in shape before taking a class to get in shape? I mean, I’ve heard of cleaning your house before the housekeeper comes, but really…exercise too?! Sadly, it’s true. Or maybe, just maybe, I’ve finally reached the point where “no return” is starting to look dangerously close.

The last year-and-a-half I have not consistently exercised. I have: 1) lost my mother suddenly; 2) moved away from Ireland for a two-year stint; and 3) lost my grandmother to cancer. Between the grieving and the packing, unpacking and settling, I didn’t make time to stay in shape.

Well, no more excuses. The time is now. I bought a jump rope, a 5lb/2.2kg kettlebell, and a new workout outfit yesterday. I already have the runners (tennis shoes), the exercise dvd’s, and a local pay-as-you-go gym nearby. I figure it will take me a month before I’m ready to jump into that boxercise class…with a little luck, three weeks.  What about you? Are you in need of a personal tune-up? Care to join me? If so, let me know what your goal is and let’s work on it together.

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