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October is a great month! The weather is cooling down but it’s not so cold that you have to wear a coat. Candy is everywhere…along with the chance to dress up and be someone you’re not. Soup is back on the stove and on restaurant menus as a main course. And, it’s birthday season – at least for me.

So many people I know and love have a birthday in October…including me! Perhaps it’s the season of birthdays, and the chance to celebrate, that makes me offer you the video clip link below so you too can remember why every year, no-every day, is an opportunity for happiness. You know the old saying…everyday is gift!

Click on the link. Watch the video. Be happy. If you’re a guy, send it to your favourite gal and make her happy. Send it out to all the women in your life. There’s nothing like giving or receiving the gift of happiness.

Go on…you know you want to!



P.S. Thanks Niamh for passing this video along to me!

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