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Spring has finally sprung in the Rockies and Ireland and with it has come the first new shoots of mint. The only other edible plant currently of use in our garden just happens to be rhubarb. Hmmm…mint & rhubarb, rhubarb & mint…what’s a girl to do?!

Fortunately, a few weeks ago, Caroline over at Grow It Cook It Can It  posted an article called Mint Syrup & Rhubarb Mojitos. Oh, thank you, thank you, Caroline! I believe I am saved.

Yes, with Caroline’s recipe in one hand and a few pots and pans in the other, I’ve been making mint syrup and Rhubeena (think Ribena but made with rhubarb instead of blackcurrant) every few days for the past week. The two syrups, when combined with seltzer water, some crushed mint, lime and a splash of rum (or not), make a really refreshing cocktail, just perfect for spring.

Rhubarb Mojitos with Mint a la Caroline

Makes 2


ice & seltzer water

2 ounces rhubeena

1 ounce mint simple syrup

6 or 7 fresh mint leaves

3/4 of a lime

1 ounce rum (optional)


Cut the lime into wedges.  In a pint glass, combine the rhubeena, mint syrup, and rum.  Squeeze the lime wedges into the glass to release the juice and then throw them right in there with everything.  Add the mint leaves.  Add some ice.  Top with seltzer water.  Mix well.

Note: If you make your own Rhubeena be sure to save the pulp…it’s delicious over vanilla ice cream.

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