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Good morning and happy Monday! I know it’s been a little quiet around here lately. I took the last few months off to spend with my sweet family…especially my eldest daughter {photo above}, who graduated from secondary school in June and then recently left for a college on the west coast of America.

As you can imagine, the past few months have been filled with lots of emotion in our Irish home…and by that I mean way more than would normally be the case with one mother and two teenage daughters living in the same house!

With each passing day, we held on to one another a little bit tighter and squeezed as much fun out of life as we could. Here are a few snapshots of our recent memories; I’ll write about some of them in greater depth in the coming weeks.

First up, for mid-term break, we flew to Hawaii with dear friends to soak up some sunshine. This was our first trip to Kaua’i. The weather wasn’t much better than it was back in Ireland at the time, but we loved the relaxed feel of this gorgeous island.

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Then there was a sweet event at which my husband walked our daughter “down the aisle” so to speak. Oh my goodness…it was a vision of what her final “white dress” occasion might be like!

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Next up, a girls trip to Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. If you haven’t visited Moab, do consider it for your bucket-list. From Ireland there is no direct flight to Salt Lake City, but don’t let that stop you. Utah has a number of state and national parks that are amazing {and if you are going that far, I suggest you check out Colorado too}. The Delicate Arch, under which we are standing, is an 18-meter, 60-foot-tall, freestanding natural arch. Hiking out to this point at sunset was just one of the highlights of this quick girls trip.

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Then there was a best-friend graduation trip to Rome. How cute are these two? They’ve been friends for twelve years!

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And the Debs…!

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And, finally, before we knew it…it was time to say goodbye.

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Letting go of this sweet girl wasn’t incredibly hard…it was just incredible AND hard. She was ready for her next adventure and we are happy she has more room to grow.

Through the tears and the hugs and the laughter and the heart-ache, we’ve had an amazing couple of months. Now each of us is adjusting to our “new normal”.

I’ll end today’s post with some wisdom passed along from both my grandmother and my mother-in-law. Their advice has served me well recently. Maybe they will be helpful to you too either now or some day. From Mama I learned, “a mother’s job is to let her children go”. Spoken like a true Irish mammy. From Gma El, I learned, “You GO Girl!

~ XoK

Additional Notes, Related Articles & Credit:

* We love Utah as a destination: it’s clean, safe, and full of outdoor activities. Click here to go to the Visit Utah website.

** Moab, Utah is home to two national parks: Arches and Canyonlands. Click here to jump to Visit Moab’s official website

*** Go Hawaii’s official website was really helpful to us as we planned our holiday.

**** Did you see the gorgeous meringue cake I baked for my youngest daughter’s birthday party? You can learn to make it here.

***** And last, but not least, if you’re considering a holiday to Rome, check out Rome’s official website here.

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There’s something exciting and wonderful about January and the start of a new year. It’s a blank slate…don’t you think?…the chance to create something wonderful in our life and the world at large. It’s an opportunity to renew relationships and commitments or scrap the ones that didn’t work for us in the past.

Resolution, intention, purpose, goal, conscious thought…whatever you/we call our outlook for the coming twelve months…I am glad we are here today and have the chance to think about the next 363 tomorrows in 2018.

My intention this year is LOVE. 

I thought about other words and phrases: do better, be more, simplify, focus, get healthy, gratitude, travel, family, thankful, be positive, trust, faith, find joy, be present…but they didn’t resonate as much as LOVE did.

So this year…I’m going to practice Love of Self, Love of Others, Love of Work, Love of Learning, Love of Travel, Love of Being Strong, Love of Cooking, Love of Parenting, the Love of Letting Go…and more. Love, love, love…isn’t it just grand?

What is your intention, purpose, goal, conscious thought, resolution or “word” for 2018?

~ XoK


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Dear Friends and Readers,

Today I wanted to write a quick blog of thanks to you.  I appreciate your friendship, no matter whether you are thousands of miles away, across the Atlantic ocean, or living locally around the corner.  These past few months have been trying.  As most of you now know my dear, beloved, grandmother passed away in November. Her struggle with cancer was brief.  She was graceful at every stage.  And in the end, when her time to leave was near, she told me “I’m not afraid to die”. Such a simple sentence but how meaningful it was for our family as she got ever closer to moving on. My father and I were fortunate to be with my grandmother as she took her final breath and left this world.

I feel no need for deep grieving.  Grandma lived life to the fullest: from riding motorcycles and surfing as a teenager to living in Vietnam during war-time to settling into being called “Grandma” and finally “the Grandma who is great” (only because being called “great-grandma” made her feel old!).  Now she is in a better place.  I feel her near me all the time and that is comforting.

Your friendship has also been comforting these past few months.  I thank you for calling, writing, emailing, sending flowers, offering to help with the children, going to church to have prayers said on Grandma’s and our behalf, and so much more.

You know that saying “life is short”? Well, it’s true.  Life is short but while we’re here we should make the most of the time we’ve got.  Kick up your heels.  Run out into the rain today without an umbrella.  Throw a snowball.  Kiss someone.  Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a long while.  Put down your anger and forgive.  Help a stranger. Listen. Learn.  Love.

I thank you.  I thank you for reading In An Irish Home and for supporting my efforts to get this fledgling idea off the ground. I thank you for your support in helping our family through these past few months and always being available for a chat, cuppa or a hug.  Most especially on this early morning in the Rockies…I thank you for your friendship and offer you this simple Irish blessing…”May you alway walk in sunshine. May you never want for more. May Irish angels rest their wings right beside your door”.

God Bless You.

* Photos are from the Celebration of Life we held in my grandmother’s honour last month.

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